My 1974 senior year at Kinnick High School (aka Yo-Hi) 
Yo-Hi is short for Yokohama (before 1972) / Yokosuka High School, Japan (unofficial school name).
Kinnick High School is located at Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base, approx 43 miles south of Tokyo, Japan.
That's how I looked in 1974, my senior year at Yo-Hi!!!  
I attended Yo-Hi from January 1971 to my graduation in June 1974. 
Photo from the 1974 Yo-Hi Yearbook. During my senior year, I participated on the Varsity Basketball Team and the Cross Country Team.

Kinnick High School
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Yokosuka City, Japan 
Yokosuka, Facts and Info
Sister high schools in Tokyo, Japan:
CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan)  Knights
ASIJ (American School in Japan)  Mustangs
St. Mary's  Titans
Yokota  Panthers
Zama Trojans
Chofu Vikings (1964 to 1974)
Yamato Warriors (1960 to 1973)
Johnson  Falcons (1960 to 1973)
1974 Kinnick High School Red Devils Varsity Basketball Team
Jerry Tanaka '74                           Mike Mullen  '75
Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 13, 2010
Jerry Tanaka '74                        Eric Watabayashi  '74
El Cerrito, California
March 9, 2002
#31   Eric Watabayashi (Senior)
#24   Koji Nishimura (Sophmore)
#33   Tom Hartman (Junior)  
#40   Bill Schonfeld (Senior)
#44   Mike Mullen (Junior)
#23   Bill Weddington (Senior)
#41   Kevin O'Connell (Senior)
#30   Herb Collier (Sophmore)
#21   Jerry Tanaka (Senior)
Mark Hamill 
visits Kinnick High School (aka Yo-Hi)
June 19, 1978

         Jerry Tanaka                    Mark Hamill

Kinnick High School Reunion, San Diego CA July 19, 2003
Click HERE for Mark Hamill's autograph from the 
1974 Kinnick High School (aka Yo-Hi) Yearbook ...

          Luke Skywalker
               Star Wars
Kinnick High School Song - "In the Shadow of Mount Fuji"  
                                                  Click HERE for text version of song.
Kinnick High School (Yo-Hi) 
                Red Devils
 #21                                                #31                                                  #21                                                 #44